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From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas

Private Placement Alert #3

Montan Mining Corp.
Post Merger symbol: MNY

February 12, 2015

Dear Friends:

Re: Montan Mining Corporation - $0.10 Strait Minerals Private Placement (PP) to accommodate Qualifying Transaction (QT) acquisitions and merger

Why invest in the future of Montan Mining?

As you know, I remain focused on the mining industry where the last CYCLE ended in mid-2011. I expect the next CYCLE to commence once again at the end of 2016. Consequently, going into 2017 and beyond I will once again reap euphoric rewards from my investments in the Industry.

I have known Ryan Fletcher since 2007. I like the cut of Ryan’s jib and more importantly, I trust him and his hard-nosed financial and acquisition expertise.

Ryan and his partner, Luis Zapata, started Montan Capital Corp. (TSXV – MO.P), a CPC, to take advantage of this downturn and associated opportunity in the mining industry. The Montan CPC, together with its competent geological management team, searched for a stellar Qualifying Transaction (QT) project. They found the Alicia copper/gold project in Peru (Alicia) on which Strait Minerals together with Teck Resources spent over $5 million since 2009 (the Alicia project is already permitted for drilling). In addition to the Alicia project, Strait Minerals (TSXV-SRD) has interests in 3 other interesting prolific Peruvian projects. The NI43-101 Alicia Report can be read here.

On January 6, 2015 the CPC, Montan Capital, signed an ‘Amalgamation Agreement’ (QT by Merger) with Strait Minerals Inc. to create a Peru-focussed exploration and Mining Company. This Amalgamation Agreement has since been conditionally approved by the TSXV. As a condition shareholders approval is required by both Companies which, I trust, will be obtained at their respective shareholders meetings to be held on February 24, 2015. The continuing company will be named Montan Mining Corp. and will be called for trading under the TSXV symbol ‘MNY’ which is expected to be sometime around the end of the week of March 2, 2015.

To kick off its Market Awareness program MNY will have a booth at the PDAC in Toronto, Canada March 1 though 4, 2015. To start your due diligence the February 6, 2015 Montan Mining ‘Launching Presentation’ PDF can be accessed here.

It is all about Management and Montan Mining’s management team has the hard-nosed, technical and financial capacity required to analyze, capture and finance future M&A opportunities in this market.

In order to top-up the 700K already in place in the Treasury, a further capital raise of $1,5M is being completed through a Strait Minerals PP @ $0.10 per share to benefit the newly created Montan Mining Corp.

Moving forward the Montan Mining business strategy will be to:

  1. Acquire Near-Term or Cash Flow Projects;
  2. Evaluate Alicia for small-scale production and/or JV arrangement; then
  3. Use the Cash Flow from operations to expand through M&A; and importantly
  4. Growth through accretive acquisitions in a depressed market.

Whereas, this PP is expected to close in 2 weeks, please let me know ASAP if you are interested in the Private Placement by e-mail here and I will forward you the Offering Memorandum?

Friends, it is all about making money!
Stay Tuned for our Next Alert!!

Happy investing from Mining Interactive Corp. in balmy Vancouver, Canada

Nick L. Nicolaas
Direct: +1 (604) 657-4058
Skype: nicknicolaas


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