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From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas

Stock Alert #3

Alabama Graphite Corp.
CSE: ALP - OTC: ABGPF - Frankfurt: 1AG
Last Trade $0.26

April 8, 2014

Dear Friends:

Re: Alabama Graphite - Exploration and Development in Alabama, USA

This Company is not new to me. I have followed and made substantial money in Alabama Graphite shares since 2012.

As the stock price came down I went back and reinvested my profits again and againin the Company. At today's price Alabama is a very attractive indeed.

Its flagship project "The Coosa Graphite Project" in Alabama is located in an area with significant historical production of crystalline flake graphite.

Many of you already are aware that the uses of graphite are many:

  • A typical electric car can use 110 pounds of graphite, hybrid cars around 22 lbs, and even e-bikes use a couple of pounds. Laptops and smartphones use proportionally smaller amounts, but basically anything containing a battery with a graphite anode increases demand for the substance;
  • According to the United States Geological Survey, fuel cells have the potential to consume as much graphite as all other uses combined;
  • Natural graphite has found new uses in an advanced “pebble bed” nuclear reactor (PBR) design; and there are many more High Purity Applications;
  • In addition, let's not forget its documented uses and potential in 3D-Printing.

All in all, it is easy to project that demand for high purity graphite will increase significantly over the next ten years.

As I mentioned above, Alabama Graphite has produced great profits for me in the past and - - I trust they will do so again. I recommend you do your own due diligence on Alabama Graphite Corp. starting here.

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It is all about making money!

Always remember, "sell a little too early as well as a little too late", never be too greedy and try to sell everything at the top ("you will never go broke taking a profit")!

Stay Tuned for our Next Alert!!

Happy investing from Mining Interactive Corp. in sunny Vancouver,

Nick L. Nicolaas
Direct: +1 (604) 657-4058
Skype: nicknicolaas


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