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From the Desk of Nick Nicolaas

What will the Future Bring? - Alert
with Martin Armstrong and Dave Skarica

October 23, 2014

Dear Friends:

Re: Martin Armstrong, and Dave Skarica – Near-term Trading Opportunities

We alerted you on August 30, 2014 about Martin Armstrong and the upcoming September 3 & 4, 2014 Turningpoint and we followed that up on September 8, 2014 describing what in fact did take place at that Sept & 4 Turningpoint. The September 3 & 4 TIMING of Martin Armstrong’s forecast and warning was once again right on the money and the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ (“Market” or “Markets”) turned down into last week. Consequently, if you paid attention and sold the Markets in early September then you made some money.

If you heeded my advice of “sell a little too early as well as a little too late”, never be too greedy and try not to sell everything at the top” - - "you will never go broke taking a profit" then you should have made some serious money.

Anyway, if you heeded my advice or not, now the question is “is the downside in the Markets over?”

Answer: The markets are still in the downside correction mode, the selling pressure has been relieved but, only for the time being.

This is what Martin Armstrong had to say Tuesday October 21, 2014:
“The Dow closed higher with an inside day. The turning points this week seem to be Wednesday, minor (the market went down yesterday) and Friday, main. A reaction high this week still points to a lower low perhaps for the week of November 3rd”.

I have many discussions with my long-time analyst friend, Dave Skarica editor of Addicted to Profits. There is some difference of opinion between these two analytical devotees Dave Skarica and Martin Armstrong but that is healthy. As an example, Martin Armstrong believes in worldwide Money Flows. Money Flows are now flowing into the US$ and US$ denominated securities hence, Armstrong’s very bullish long-term outlook on the Markets. On the other hand, Dave Skarica says “it is not a bull Market in the US because US is the best - - it is a bull market because of financial engineering, cheap money, stock buy backs plus program trading by high frequency traders and hedge fund robot algorhythm trading”.

On Friday October 17th Martin Armstrong stated: “Liquidity is down and this all warns that the upside in the economy is not as great as it should be so when it turns down, it will do so much harder”; and Dave Skarica said “When the [algorithm] robots go from buy to sell it could really tank this thing with flash crashes popping up and with a lack of buyers to absorb the shock”.

In other words, they both agree that there is a high probability of a Waterfall type of adjustments in the Markets exacerbated by algorhythm trading.

Hold on tight. This is starting to look very interesting to say the least.

The financial world is in dire straits, the Euro is a disaster and it is just now a question of the TIMING of its demise as well as the TIMING of the demise of other currencies such as the Yen. Germany is in big trouble and France is near collapse, the US is not far behind but, it is still the best horse in the glue factory hence, over the longer term, the Money Flows will be into the US$ and, we expect, will then flow into US$ denominated securities.

Yes friends, we are looking at some very, very volatile times ahead and the trick will be “How to Make Money” for ourselves and our families.

So how will I try and make serious money moving forward?
As I write this
, the Markets are correcting to the upside and based on Martin Armstrong’s statement of “A reaction high this week still points to a lower low perhaps for the week of November 3rd”, I just bought some 'SPXS nov 22, 2014 calls at $1.20 contracts'.

I will monitor the S&P and perhaps at some point consider buying some SPXS (Dirextion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3x Shares) or some of Dave Skarica’ short recommendations. Of course you may have your own ideas as to what stocks and/or Indexes you want to short but, from my perspective; we are heading into serious, money making, trading opportunities.

We are living in very volatile times. According to Armstrong, “after October/November we should see the longer-term trend form” so I will stay vigilent and focussed.

It is all about making money!

Always remember, “sell a little too early as well as a little too late”, never be too greedy and try not to sell everything at the top ("you will never go broke taking a profit")!

Stay Tuned for our Next Alert!!

Happy investing from Mining Interactive Corp. in sunny Vancouver,

Nick L. Nicolaas
Direct: +1 (604) 657-4058
Skype: nicknicolaas


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